“We empower children to develop a lifelong love of learning.”

 The Lil' School of the Adirondacks provides a safe and positive environment which meets children’s needs to learn and grow.  Children construct knowledge through experience, so we engage them in an array of activities that allow for success and encourage advancement in all areas of development.  Children are exposed to a variety of hands-on and movement-based activities which support the exploration of academic, motor, interactive, and self-regulatory concepts.

The Lil’ School of the Adirondacks provides children with opportunities that appropriately challenge them and foster their progression along their naturally occurring continuum of development.  This is accomplished through quality programming and collaboration with parents/guardians.  Only such an individualized program can encourage each child’s development at a rate which is most appropriate for him/her.  Our entire staff subscribes to this vision of a curriculum which teaches “for the individual child” rather than “for the class”


“Helping hands can change the world.”

Children who learn to give back to others grow up to be compassionate members of our community.  With this in mind, we have incorporated community service into our curriculum to help cultivate the natural empathetic nature of all children.  The Lil’ School of the Adirondacks chooses service activities which are appropriate for the abilities of the children and exposes them to a variety of methods to give back to our community.

The service component of our program promotes character building and a sense of belonging.  Our staff uses these service activities to encourage the development of positive self-image, confidence, generosity, integrity and creative problem solving.