At the Lil' School, learning extends far beyond the classroom!

Our unique program offers a comprehensive, well-planned curriculum which balances teacher and student guided learning.  Learning spaces are set up in a way which invites children of all abilities to question, research, experiment, and explore.  Our children engage in projects, activities, and studies with their teachers and peers that allow them to acquire fundamental academic, social, and emotional concepts.  Our teachers recognize how important developmental milestones are met through active play times but also centers such as cooking, group/independent reading, sensory play, art, science & math discovery, ample outdoor natural play, and more.  In the Lil' School classroom, learning is done through hands-on activities, experiments, and play with teachers supporting the children as they develop their skills at a pace which is appropriate for them.

The Lil' School believes in the value of hands-on learning so much that we extend our educational practices beyond the walls of our school.  The service component of our program emphasizes the importance of being involved with one's community.  Our children learn that every act of kindness is important and to care just as much about others as we do ourselves.  While doing service activities our children gain confidence, self-respect, a sense of accomplishment, and problem solving & cooperation skills as they learn that every person has an important role to play to keep our community a happy, healthy place! 


The foundation of The Lil' School is our staff.  Our teachers have the highest level of professionalism, training, and experience with a commitment to both teaching AND learning.  We support the development of our children by providing appropriately challenging opportunities for growth with guidance and positive reinforcement along the way.  At the heart of our school are teachers who share the same vision of childhood education.  

But learning doesn't stop there!  We believe that children are active learners who are more engaged when learning involves movement.  Our program harnesses the natural enthusiasm, curiosity, and energy of children by engaging them in gross motor activities that enhance our curriculum. In addition to ample outside play time, our children are given movement time in a "movement room" with open space and gymnastics/sport equipment to develop a range of motor skills.  Body awareness, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, control, strength, and healthy lifestyle practices are taught through activities such as: -tumbling, gymnastics, exercise, basic sports skills, dance, music, yoga, mindfulness/mediation, and a range of other movement-based activities!