We instill a love of life-long learning through child-directed, hands-on experiences... at school, at home, and all around the community!


Our Preschool Program exemplifies our philosophy of hands-on, meaningful learning where the children are deeply involved throughout the entire process.  Teaching practices are inspired by the HighScope Curriculum which emphasizes the role of the individual child in directing their own developmental process while offering a balance of teacher and child guided learning.  What's more, each day we extend learning into our innovative Movement Room as well as our outdoor play spaces where children are engaged in a variety of activities that nurture the body and spirit (such as tumbling, gymnastics, music, yoga, mindfulness/meditation, dance, sports skills and more)!  To further inspire our children, we incorporate child-driven service activities for our school, families and wider community into our curriculum.

Our curriculum develops the needs of the whole child- Mind, Body, and Self.  Milestones met  in our program align with not only the NYS Early Learning Guidelines and Core Body of Knowledge, but also provide for the Health/Wellness, Social, Emotional, and developing Self-Concept needs of each individual child.

We offer three preschool group options dependent upon age, development, and individual needs of each child:  Pre-K 3, Pre-k 4, and Pre-k 5


Our unique program offers a wide range of operating hours for our working families!

Monday - Friday

7:15 - 5:00

Open year round for all except major holidays!

Program Calendars, Documents, and Forms